In addition to offering a host of training workshops for your team, I can be an experienced resource to either catalyze/kick-start efforts or I can do the whole project for you, saving you from adding permanent headcount while also delivering VP/executive level work and results.

I can work as part of a team, either a team leader or a team member, or independently — rolling up my sleeves and doing the bulk of the workload with minimal effort and resources from you. I become an extended part of your team, someone unencumbered by the day-to-day minutiae which can plague organizations, producing high-quality work delivered to meet your critical deadline.  

How can Marketing Matters be an invaluable resource for you? Whether you need a project manager to guide your team or someone to do the work for you, help is just a phone call away. Let me know where you need support.

Voice of the Customer (VoC)

VoC can be utilized at different time frames during an opportunity assessment process:

  • Investigation phase/front end: for developing new product and/or new service platforms; or, determining/optimizing strategic direction
  • Validation/middle and back end: for preliminary concept validation; optimizing pricing strategy
Three options:
  1. You can outsource the entire project to me;
  2. I can provide support via coaching and/or project management from project commencement through distillation/theme development;
  3. Distillation/language processing: if you have conducted the interviews, this is a one-day facilitated working session involving the entire cross-functional team, where the interview transcripts are distilled into higher level, actionable themes

Strategy Development

Holistic strategy development using cross-functional, cross-regional teams

  • Deep dive of customer value drivers, market trends, regional dynamics, competitive landscape, organizational SWOT, technology assessment
  • Developing and evaluating strategic alternatives
    • Gap analysis, resource investments

Commercial Excellence

New product launch: planning, execution and audit

  • Includes development of sales launch Plan of Action (POA)

Sales strategy development and execution

  • Channel strategy, implementation and management framework

Commercial leadership and management coaching

  • How to effectively manage sales, product management, marketing communications
  • Developing functional and management metrics and deploying them consistently while optimizing time management
  • Development planning for commercial employees, with focus on developing and retaining high potentials

Product Management

Getting past go/no go in stage gate, business case development

  • Development of comprehensive business case:
    • Market segmentation
    • Customized real/win/worth opportunity analysis
    • Development of full P&L with detailed financial analysis

Product Rationalization and Obsolescence

  • Full profitability analysis, looking at above and below the line factors
  • Development of product line rationalization plan

Strategic Pricing

  • Product line pricing analysis
  • Development of value-based pricing methodology, implementation, management


Marketing communication strategy and tactics

  • Development and implementation of strategy, execution plan, tactics, metrics

Interim Commercial/Business Leadership

  • Addition of critical thinking and management for a temporary time frame due to attrition or short-term need