Modular Sales and Product Management Trainings

I developed this modular training approach based on feedback from former colleagues and clients to address several common complaints I hear about most conventional sales and product management training programs.

Although they can be effective:


They are usually one-size-fits-all, regardless of the variety of experience in the audience.


Some folks need the all-inclusive training, while others only need to learn about 1 or 2 specific topics.


Pulling a group of Sales or Marketing people out of their “day jobs” for multi-day training coupled with travel is a huge time commitment and productivity hit.


There is so much packed into a 1-2 day session that trainees have a hard time absorbing everything, let alone knowing where to start when they complete the training.


There is little to no follow up from the instructor afterward.

It all starts with my Sales or Product Management Self Assessments to identify specific skills upgrades you need to be more impactful.

My modular approach to sales and product management training allows custom delivery of a specific topic over 60-90 minute sessions, such that the trainee is exposed to 1-2 concepts per session. This allows the individual to develop those skills and concepts as applicable for the specific needs of their organization. 

Unlike conventional sales and product management trainings, my approach is:

Truly Customizable

My programs are tailored not only for the experience of the trainee, but also for your market and product category. Furthermore, these trainings are customized based on how the skill will be applied. For example, a competitive analysis will be utilized differently when launching a new product vs. conducting strategy development. Customization optimizes the effectiveness when applying the skill and accelerates the ROI on your training investment.

Remote Delivery

My training sessions are conducted remotely. This eliminates not only time lost in all-day training sessions, but also the travel time and cost of bringing everyone to a central location.

Post Training Support

To further enhance the program, I provide unlimited remote support to assist trainees in developing the session topic to ensure successful implementation. 

Personalized for You

Not everyone needs training on the same topics. That’s why my modular sales and product management training programs can be scoped to spot fill any gaps you may have with a few individuals, help on-board new product management and sales employees, or cover an entire topic over the course of several sessions.

Modular Framework

The training is delivered in short, actionable modules such that the trainee can absorb the material and put the training into use immediately. This type of training cadence has proven to be very effective for my clients, as they experience higher retention of knowledge and skills, as well as increased effectiveness as they put their training into practice.

When clients contact me to deliver a specific type of training, they frequently focus on the symptom (lack of results) rather than the root cause. Results are a factor of several variables:

After identifying the underlying root cause behind your results, we will then customize a game plan that will optimize team output and deliver improved performance.

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