karen stein​There’s nothing worse than working hard to get tired.

Karen Stein is a sales and product management expert who’s helped evolve organizations from unproductive chaos to results-driven teams for over 20 years.

Throughout her career, Karen has found that many people either take on or are transitioned to a new role without understanding how to be impactful. Too often, they are working nearly 24/7 and get no results.

Whether you are new to sales and product management or hoping to take your skills and career to the next level, Karen is as committed to your success as you are yourself. She will show you how to be more impactful so you can master your role and achieve your goals.

Karen is not just a consultant.

Karen’s programs are designed so that she becomes an extended member of your organization. She can be hired to help manage your business projects as an interim commercial executive when more experienced hands and wisdom are needed.

Karen can also engage your team in highly interactive sales and product management workshops that are fully customized to meet your business goals. If you prefer one-on-one interactions, Karen’s modular training programs provide in depth coaching on select topics.

No matter the project scope, Karen will customize your experience to meet your business goals. She creates a safe, supportive environment that nurtures creativity and enables people to develop the skills that will deliver results and ultimately, move their career forward.

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Karen is committed to organizations achieving sustainable results.

After working her way up the corporate ladder from positions as technical support specialist to product manager and then marketing director, Karen Stein began her journey as a commercial   executive in the 1990’s as Millipore’s newly appointed Vice President of Marketing and Global Applications Development. It was here that Karen developed and grew her skills and quickly become a product and market expert.

It wasn’t until after leaving Millipore in 2002 and becoming Director of Commercial Excellence at Thermo Electron when Karen discovered her niche.

Leading the marketing, product development, sales and service departments for seven businesses in various industries within her division, Karen was challenged in her new role because she was no longer the product or market expert she was at Millipore.

Did that stop her? Not for a second.

Karen persevered by applying her previous knowledge and experience to her new role. She developed various tools and processes to support her division of seasoned technical people and trained them on product management, sales, services development, and more.

After doing this across 3 different divisions at Thermo, Karen knew she had a gift. She discovered  that she was fluent in the art of teaching inexperienced people how to do their jobs well, and within an applicable, effective framework that supports sustainable results. 

And thus, Karen found her niche.

Leadership is what’s left after you’re gone.

Karen continued her work for several years as a Divisional Commercial Leader while also mentoring three Thermo divisions, totaling 18 business units altogether. Although she has long since moved on from Thermo, her former teams continue to use what they learned from Karen’s business processes and mentoring to this day, and they have continually delivered exceptional results year after year. 

Today, Karen mentors companies and individuals on how to achieve this same level of success by creating an environment that nurtures and supports creativity. She feels a great honor in knowing her guidance has empowered her former colleagues and clients to accelerate their learning curve and achieve C- and E-level positions.

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Karen’s Work with Harvard University and MIT

In addition to being founder of Marketing Matters, Karen is an Entrepreneur in Residence for Harvard University where she works with the technology development group to assist teams with novel technologies as they navigate the path to becoming a startup.

Karen is also part of MIT’s Delta V program to help MIT student entrepreneurs build viable, sustainable ventures, as well as a mentor for BUILD, an organization committed to developing and nurturing entrepreneurship in under-resourced high school communities.

Founder’s Panel at Google Boston – Women’s International Day

Karen Stein speaks at Google International Women's Day
Karen Stein speaks at Google International Women's Day

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