Meet Karen Stein

Karen Stein

Founder & CEO

I have held leadership roles for companies including Millipore, Thermo Electron, Thermo Fisher, Brooks Automation, and ALPCO Diagnostics for more than 25 years. I have direct experience in sales and marketing, including product management, marketing management, new business development, sales, and sales management — and my responsibilities have spanned domestic and international markets.

My expertise lies in developing and implementing profitable growth strategies, as well as global sales, marketing, and product management strategies, tools, and processes. My market experience includes life science, diagnostics, pharmaceutical, biotech, oil and gas, power generation, industrial and semiconductor—and products ranging from $300 consumables to $500K capital equipment, including hardware as well as add-on and standalone services.

I founded my independent consulting firm to provide a unique brand of services that starts with identifying the constraints to profitable growth before choosing how to proceed. All engagements are complemented by unlimited remote support. I specialize in strategy development, Voice of the Customer, product line management, and new product launch/commercialization.

Karen Stein – Founder’s Panel at Google – Women’s International Day

Karen Stein speaks at Google International Women's Day
Karen Stein speaks at Google International Women's Day