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Karen Stein

Offering Results-Driven Sales and Product Management Services to Companies Large and Small

What I Do


Sales and product management training designed to facilitate ongoing excellence and long-term success


Hands-on sales and product management teaching by doing it together, then coaching through subsequent steps


Integrate with your team to manage projects or use my expertise to do them myself

How I Work

Karen Stein, Founder & CEO of Marketing Matters

In this short video I discuss the Marketing Matters approach. I explain how what I do can work for various constituencies:

  • Global and regional companies
  • Senior commercial/marketing functions
  • GMs/division presidents
  • Companies without training resources
  • Companies that have not yet implemented consistent business processes.

I am an experienced resource you can put to work and immediately see a positive impact and dramatic results.

What’s Behind Your Results?

Most people contact a consultant and ask for a specific type of training or service — and that’s what they get. But, is it targeting the right elements which are impacting your results? I take a step back and start all engagements by doing a deep dive to correctly diagnose what’s causing the problem you’re facing — identifying 4-5 key indicators to review with you. Only then can I develop and deliver a solution that will have a significant and sustainable impact.

I use the following equation to identify the key factors that will optimize team output and results.

(Knowledge + Skills) x (Effort + Activity) = RESULTS

After identifying the underlying root cause behind your results, we will then customize a game plan accordingly.

Get Results, Not Just Advice.

Whether you are new to sales and product management or hoping to take your skills and career to the next level, I am as committed to your success as you are yourself. I’ll show you how to be more impactful so you can master your role and achieve your goals. Once training is complete, I offer unlimited remote support in order to continue providing the coaching you need to ensure successful implementation and results.

Gain Knowledge “From the Trenches”

Consultants may have “book smarts,” but not necessarily on-the-job experience with products, markets and customers similar to yours. I’m different. There’s a high likelihood I’ve been in your shoes at some point in my career. As a result, I can help you attain your goals because I’ve done what you’re trying to do for more than 25 years. From strategic marketing, sales and product management to executive P&L management; spanning life science to industrial markets, for hundred-dollar to million-dollar products — I literally have been there and done that.

Not Just A Consultant – A Mentor.

Consultants are often seen as outsiders who don’t have a very strong connection to the organization or its people. I have a different approach. Regardless of how long I’m onsite — anywhere from three to 18 months — people feel like I’m a colleague. Time and again, clients have asked if I’m really a consultant, because I’m as emotionally invested as they are in completing a successful implementation — and they recognize that.


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